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Naved Ferdinands (Sous Chef)



Raised  in the culinary capital of Queens, NY., Chef Naved Hugh Ferdinands began his passion for food as a child, watching his mother roll out naan, an Indian flat bread traditionally baked over wood fire. Unlike most young adults spending their time and money with friends, Chef Naved used his money on exploring his palate and expanding his culinary mind; “ I didn’t care  what cuisine I was eating , It just made me happy to have such beautiful, flavorful, and authentic food in front of me, It fueled my passion every day.”

After  graduating from The  Culinary Institute of America  in New York,  Chef Naved began pursuing his career with Chef Jehangir Mehta  at Graffiti in the East Village as well as many other restaurants from  Sushi Samba in the West Village, Cafe Centro in Grand Central Station,  and Pairings Palate + Plate in Cranford, NJ. While having major presence in the kitchen, Naved has also made television appearances on the Food Network’s “Chopped” and  multiple shows on Local Television 35.

Chef Naved strives to expand the palate of Uproots patrons while still providing that neighborly warmth and companionship. He looks forward to growing with Uproot and continuing to broaden his culinary expertise.

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