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Paul Cannell (Assistant Manager)

Paul Cannell

Paul Cannell has been with Mark Daniels Hospitality for over five years, starting as a busboy and making his way to the Assistant Management position. Paul has always been around different kinds of cuisine growing up, owing to a diverse but closely knit family. “I remember that in the morning I could have a typical English breakfast, a Caribbean Pelau for lunch, and Bratwurst for dinner. I was constantly encouraged, and to my chagrin as a child sometimes forced, to at least try everything on my plate.”

Paul gained a greater appreciation for both food and drink while studying at Rutgers University. From the local bars in New Brunswick, to weekend trips into New York City, and while visiting his European family members, Paul began to accrue a comprehension and appreciation for how important hospitality is to everyone.

Paul, along with General Manager Tyler Mohr, continues to foster at Uproot Restaurant a unique style of fine dining service in an upscale-casual setting, emphasizing comfort and personality over ostentatiousness. Paul knows that with our excellently trained staff, every visit to Uproot will be better than the last.

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