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Renner Burgos (Executive Chef )

Renner Burgos

Chef Renner Burgos attributes his passion for food to his mother, who used to cook family dinners every night when he was growing up. While Chef Renner began his culinary career late in life, it was, “The love of food that my mother’s cooking instilled in me, which made me change directions in life and follow my true passion.” Chef Renner’s appreciation for handmade and local ingredients stems from watching his mother make dinners from scratch for his entire family. It’s a personal tradition that he applies to all his menus.

Chef Renner attended the French Culinary Institute in New York, afterwards he began his culinary career working in the kitchen for the Stage House Tavern in Scotch Plains. Wanting to expand his culinary acumen, Chef Renner worked at Restaurant David Drake under one of New Jersey’s Top chefs as well as working under Chef Zod Alfari at restaurant Blu in Montclair. Chef Renner has also spent a great deal of time traveling abroad, looking for new ingredients and recipes.

At Uproot, Chef Renner wanted to combine his many years of experience in fine dining restaurants with his fond memories of home cooked family dinners. His vision is to utilize the techniques he practiced in the New Jersey’s top kitchens, while taking the flavor profiles he has been familiar with his entire life and apply them to classic American dishes, presenting casual comfort food in new and refreshing ways.

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